Nema Hotel & Suites

Nema Hotel & Suites captures the very essence of Athens city center. Housed in an emblematic building that used to operate as a textile trading company for over 70 years, Nema has infused all these elements of recent history and transformed them into a contemporary accommodation option. Named after the yarn that has characterized not only the industry that bloomed in the area, but also Penelope’s endless weaving in anticipation of her loved one’s return, the thread encompasses a timeless connection between the past and the present. part of this wonderful myth

In perfect alignment with the surroundings, Nema is part of the city’s identity and carries on its long-lasting history. A full-scaled mural of Joe Williams’ Penelope has been crafted by KEZ and adorns the side wall of the building, reflecting the fundamental contribution of weaving in the wider region.

Relish authentic flavors at Nema’s Spritzeria - Cicchetteria or enjoy a drink at the cute roof garden overlooking the city from above, taking in that precious Athenian vibe.
Book your stay in Nema and be part of this wonderful myth unfolding before your eyes. Welcome!

Stay in Athens

Guests are welcome to experience the ultimate Athenian stay, enjoying unmatched comfort through a wide array of modern facilities. Hospitality of the highest standards always with a smile guarantees an idylliclodging for travelers in Athens.
Within close walking distance to Monastiraki and Ancient Agora, Nema city boutique hotel consists of 13 brand-new rooms and suites that ooze with urban chic luxury. They have been designed in a manner that blends tradition and modernity, celebrating much sought-after sustainability in a central location.