Are you searching for the ultimate location for your upcoming travel to Athens? Nema Hotel & Suites is just the place for you, the perfect starting point for your city explorations. Within walking distance from Monastiraki and Ancient Agora, Psyri and Kerameikos, as well as the iconic Acropolis with its modern museum, Nema captures the true spirit of the city, along with its vibrant identity. You are welcome to discover the authenticity of Central Municipal Athens Market with thousands of colors and aromas bursting all around.
 - Nema Hotel & Suites
As its name dictates (Nema stands for yarn in Greek), the building is an irreplaceable part of the whole area’s history that has been distinguished by a rich textile industry. You can still feel its presence as you are walking up and down the narrow-cobbled streets, mingling with the locals, discovering hidden treasures of culture and entertainment. After all, Athens is a city that never sleeps with an abundance of bars, restaurants and quaint taverns, night clubs and parties. Delve in Greek gastronomy at its finest and indulge in wine tasting experiences, tours and visits to both historic and contemporary wonders.